Flash Menu Labs v2.04 Pro

Flash Menu Labs - это мощный инструмент для быстрого создания Flash (Флеш) меню для Вашего вебсайта. Даже новички без знания ActionScript могут успешно создавать меню за считанные минуты! Вы хотите современное Flash (Флеш) меню с впечатляющими эффектами, анимацией притягивающей взгляд и нетривиальной структурой, но не хотите тратить месяцы на кодирование, отладку и настройку внешнего вида? С Flash Menu Labs Вы получите все эти и многие другие возможности всего за несколько минут!

- Не требуются знания Flash и программирования.
- 50 уникальных скинов.
- Более27 впечатляющих визуальных эффектов.
- Настройка цветовой схемы меню.
- Добавлять свои картинки.
- Небольшой размер файла.
- Используйте готовый шаблон или настройте любую мелочь.
- Дружественный интерфейс.
- Неограниченное количество подуровней.
- Нет необходимсти править вручную XML.
- Настраиваемый тип меню.
- Никакого дополнительного софта.

Would you like to have cool Flash menus with impressing visual effects, eye-catching animation and non-trivial structure, but dont want to spend months coding ActionScript and tuning visual appearance? With Flash Menu Labs you can get all these features and much more just for minutes! Flash Menu Labs is a powerful tool for creating Flash menus for your website instantly. Even non-professionals with zero Flash and ActionScript skills can successfully use it.

- No Flash or programming skills required
- All that programming and animation job we have already done for you ;)
- 50 unique skins
- Dont need to buy menu templates one by one. Flash Menu Labs Std Edition includes 50 skins. Note that you can customize color scheme of each skin.
- Over 25 stunning visual effects
- Changing visual effects now is easy as never before. Just choose one of the 26 visual effect presets and see result.
- Customize menu color palette
- FML has a very easy to use tool for changing color scheme of the menu skin. All you need is to enable colorize option, set color and saturation. See screenshot
- Add your own images
- For those who need more customization there is an ability to add logo, icons and background in such popular formats as jpg, gif, png, swf.
- Small file size
- Average FML menu doesnt exceed 30-40 kb.
- Choose ready menu preset or customize every feature you want
- Depending on your needs you can use ready template or tune every feature like font size, font, mouseover look, on/off sound, logo position etc.
- User friendly interface
- We created Flash Menu Labs having in mind that it will be used by people. Therefore all needed tools are close at hand.
- Unlimited number of sublevels
- We dont restrict you to one menu sublevel. Add as much menu levels and sublevels as you need.
- No manual XML editing needed
- Theres no need to edit any XML files manually. All texts, links and options can be edited in application, which is easy to use and contains built-in assistant system.
- Easy Start
- It is very easy to start using FML even if you are a novice at web technologies. However if there are any questions you can use Flash Menu Labs detailed tutorial or contact our support team.
- Customizable menu layouts
- You can change drop down layout to horizontal and vice versa in a split second.
- No additional software
- You dont need to buy expensive developing studios to create and adjust eye-catching navigation.

OC: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista (x86 and x64)
Язык Интерфейса: англ
Активация|рег код: есть
Размер файла: 11,85 Мб

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