MyTVPal Player 5.3.152

MyTVPal PC player позволяет просматривать телепрограммы и слушать радиостанции со всего мира. Уникальной фичей этой программы является возможность просматривать HD (High Definition) видео через XMS streaming технологию.

MyTVPal PC player is designed to allow any PC user to watch many different TV broadcasts from around the world. In addition, users will be able to listen to many radio stations from around the world. Another unique feature of the player is the ability to play HD (High Definition) videos via XMS streaming technology.

As the Internet broadband speed gets faster and faster, more and more TV programmings and radio broadcasts will be available. In addition, premium HD programmings will be available and they can be easily accessible via MyTVPal.com player. Let the MyTVPal.com player be your guide to the Internet TV/Radio programming guide today!

Watch what you want when you want - MyTVPal gives the total control back to the viewers. Viewers control how they want to watch TV.
Free TV - MyTVPal give you instant access to thousands of FREE TV from around the world. MyTVPal has TV broadcasts from many countries in many different languages. Click here to see a list of what?s on now.
High definition Videos - MyTVPal supports HD streaming over the Internet now.
Video on demand streaming - MyTVPal give you access to many high quality streaming videos now. You can click on any video and have it start playing immediately. Click here to see a list of videos that are on now.
Fresh content - New videos are being add to the lineup all the time.
Easy to install - MyTVPal player is easy to download and install. Click here to see some sample screen shots.
Hish definition set top box - Ability to watch HD videos on your HDTV right over the Internet. Click here to see photos.

ОС: Win 2000,XP,Vista
Язык Интерфейса: англ
Активация|рег код: не требуется
Размер файла: 4,90 Мб

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