SpectraCal CalMAN v4.3.0.256
SpectraCal CalMAN v4.3.0.256

SpectraCal CalMAN - програма для калібрування домашніх кінотеатрів, теле-і відео-дисплеїв HD. Дозволяє виміряти яскравість, точність перенесення кольорів і колірний обхват. (Колірний обхват - діапазон кольорів, які може відтворювати дисплей, а точність передачі кольору відповідає можливості відображення саме тих кольорів, які були запитані GPU).

CalMAN Version 4 allows the professional video calibrator to:
• Achieve better calibrations
• Simplify Color Management Systems color gamut calibration
• Calibrate more efficiently and more accurately

In addition, CalMAN V4's ease of use provides:
• Shorter training
• Better prompting
• Less chance of error
• Better results for the beginning calibrator
• Incremental revenue opportunities

Comprehensive Graphs

Simple to use Brightness / Contrast, Gamma, CIE, Color Temperature, Gamut Luminance, RGB Balance, and Delta E graphs, with literally hundreds of custom graph and data table possibilities, so you can always view measurement and adjustment data in exactly the best way to optimize your calibration efficiency.

Workflow Wizard

Exclusive step-by-step workflow wizards guide you through each calibration step.

Intuitive Design Mode

Inherent design mode makes it so easy to edit, save, and load layout files to change the calibration workflow, data charts, and note boxes to match the way you work. Simply drag a graph or other screen element to where you want it, set its display options, and save your updated layout.

No other video calibration product has ever accomplished what CalMAN Version 4 does, with its unique Interactive Charts that allow automated adaptive control of video processors and displays.

Direct Device Control
Version 4 of CalMAN, the video calibration software choice of professional calibrators and home theater enthusiasts alike, directly controls video processors and selected displays. No more prowling through service menus. Just adjust the graph, and CalMAN adjusts the display.

MultiThreaded for Maximum Performance
CalMAN Version 4 is multithreaded from top to bottom. Multiple I / O operations can be launched at the same time, while you continue to use the elements on the screen. This makes CalMAN much more responsive. It also makes every operation faster. A grayscale run that took two minutes in CalMAN v3 takes thirty seconds in v4.

Great New Look
CalMAN Version 4's user interface has been completely rewritten from a clean start. The look is fresh, clean, attractive, intuitive, and extremely flexible.CalMAN v4 is one of the first commercial applications developed throughout using Microsoft's latest platform technology: Windows Presentation Foundation. Yet one more way in which CalMAN is bringing you the future.

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Мова Інтерфейсу: Англійська
Платформа / ОС: Microsoft Windows
Розмір: 97 Mb

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