Ashampoo AntiVirus 1.60 Multilanguage

Ashampoo AntiVirus 1.60 Multilanguage

Оновився німецький антивірус від відомого розроблювача програмного забезпечення. Ashampoo AntiVirus призначений за захистом комп'ютера від вірусів, интернет-червей, троянов та інших шкідливих об'єктів. Антивірус здатний визначати як вже відомі віруси, і підозрілі об'єкти, які можна потенційно небезпечні до вашої комп'ютера. За бажання користувач може перевірити будь-які файли, що перебувають у CD і DVD дисках, жорстких дисках та інших пристроях зберігання інформації. Існує можливість ретельної перевірки електронної пошти, присутній можливість автоматичного відновлення антивірусних баз Ashampoo AntiVirus, зміни до яких розробники вносять щодня.

Comprehensive antivirus technology

You don’t need to know everything that Ashampoo AntiVirus does to protect you but it may interest you: It doesn’t just scan e-mail attachments and new files for threats. It also scans your computer’s memory and all critical system areas. If you want you can also define your own customized scans to perform systematic checks of all or part of your system, including removable media like CDs and DVDs and even external and portable devices.

A special intelligent system known as heuristics analysis is used to identify as-yet unknown threats on the basis of suspicious behavior and stop them before they can do any damage.

When infections are found you can choose to clean them immediately or you can put them in quarantine. This is a special protected area where the infected files cannot do any damage but they can be recovered if necessary – for example if you discover that the threat identified was harmless. All the operations performed by the program are recorded in detail in log files. You can view the contents of the logs at any time.

A context menu item is added to Windows® Explorer that enables you to scan files directly without starting Ashampoo AntiVirus.

Features at a glance

Comprehensive protection: Protects against over 470,000 viruses, worms, Trojans and dialers. Scans all critical system areas, memory, emails and files.

Simple to use: Very intuitive user interface, no previous knowledge required. Configuration with slider controls that automatically display the settings.

Low system load: You won’t notice it’s there so you’ll never feel tempted to turn your protection off.

Daily updates: The virus signatures are updated several times a day and the program checks for updates automatically – every hour if you want. A high-speed server prevents update delays.

Multiple scan modes: Automatic protection while you are working plus manual scans and scheduled scans performed automatically.

Quarantine: Move infected or suspicious files to a locked quarantine area where they can’t do any damage.

Windows® Explorer integration: Adds an option with which you can scan files for viruses directly in Windows® Explorer.

Technology highlights for the experts:

Heuristic analysis: Advanced new algorithms for identifying and blocking unknown threats on the basis of suspicious behavior.

User-defined scanning: Experienced users can define and schedule up to eight different automatic scans to be performed regularly or at specific times.

Complete protection: Scans memory, critical system areas, hard drives, folders, archives, removable media and portable and external devices.

XP Security Center integration: The program is fully compatible with Windows® XP Security Center (Windows® will automatically recognize that you have valid and up-to-date virus protection).

Logging: Comprehensive logs are maintained of all program activities and can be viewed directly within the program at any time.

Minimum load background scanning: The background scanning module is a completely new development that places a minimum load on your system resources.

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