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Geek Fantasy - April 2014

Geek Fantasy - April 2014
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APRIL 2014 ISSUE: GEEK FANTASY MAGAZINE: International Cover Model Jennifer Nguyen tells us all about her Spider-Man fantasy for our The Amazing Spider-Man Feature Issue! Also featuring Geek Fantasy Girls: Caitlin o'connor, Hannah Eadeh, Angelique Witmyer, Lauren La Carriere, Abby Parece and GF Epic Cosplayers Jenifer Ann as Mary Jane Watson and Heather Leet and Black Canary. Featured Articles: You Got Pwned, a video game review: Donkey Kong, Thief, South Park and Titanfall. VW's Arrow takes on Black Canary. Video Eta team gives a love triangle of Team Gwen VS Team MJ and more!

The Geek Fantasy men's Magazine features articles, interviews and reviews on gaming, comic books, movies, cosplay and more with beautiful women on the cover inside and our pages, some of them even being pretty "geeky" themselves!
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